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Things to Consider When Setting Up a Mobile Stage

by / Wednesday, 04 November 2015 / Published in Mobile Stage

Mobile stages are a great for concerts and events because they make shows affordable, exciting and surprising. They allow event organisers to save on the use of expensive venues like stadiums and theatres. Mobile stages allow them to customise their events the size of the crowd and how large a space they have to work with. They also enable performers and events companies to put on shows anywhere. Even a pop-up concert in the middle of the street on a busy day can be set up quickly and efficiently with a mobile stage.

Setting Up a Mobile Stage

Setting up a stage takes some preparation though. Here are things which Festival Hire considers in mobile stage setting whenever we set up for a gig:

● Indoor or outdoor location? Knowing the kind of place you will be setting the structure on determines where the stage will be facing. It will also inform people of the kind of acoustics in the venue. An indoor venue locks in sound better while an outdoor one will require that multiple speakers be installed across the area. The stage itself should be angled in a way which allows the performers to hear themselves play. A musically supportive set up enhances the timing, intonation and phrasing of the band and boosts their confidence, paving the way for a great show.

● The number of performers. The number of the musicians in the band dictates the size of the stage. Event organisers do not order a large stage for a three piece jazz band playing at a cozy restaurant. It will make the setting look out of place and will crowd the small but intimate fans of the trio. Accounting for the number of performers allows for the allocation of performance space as well. A small stage just won’t cut it if you have Kylie Minogue doing a high-energy song and dance number.

● The material of the stage. Stages need to be made of tough material or else they will prove insufficient or dangerous for the event organisers and the performers. Take stock of what the stage is made of and estimate how much weight it can support in order to prevent accidents or unnecessary liabilities.

By informing us of the location of the event where the stage will be set up and the number of people performing on stage, you can rest easy knowing that the platform for your performance is sturdy and solid.

If you need a mobile stagefor your event, you can count on Festival Hire to set one up which will deliver the results you want. We’ve been in the events industry for more than 20 years now and we’ve provided stages for every occasion like expos, schools fetes, fashion shows, and live concerts. The organisers of the Canberra International Music Festival are valued Festival Hire clients for stages at their events, and you can rest assured that your performers are in good hands with Festival Hire. Call us and we’ll help ensure your event is a success.