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Tables & Chairs for Market Fairs, Events, Exhibitions and Festivals

Festival Hire provides you with affordable furniture rental solutions to meet any event requirement. We provide high quality and durable all-weather furniture that are easy to set up in temporary structures or event productions. Enjoy the convenience of having an entire set-up for food festivals and fairs to outdoor picnics or corporate gatherings with our great selection of furniture fit for any occasion. Given the different styles and designs of furniture we have for you to choose from, our pieces will surely make your guests more comfortable and your event more spectacular.


Among our selection of tables for hire are simple wooden collapsible trestle tables that are perfect for accommodating large groups. With their longitudinal design and reliable sturdy construction, these are popularly used for outdoor picnics, food festivals and corporate gatherings.

We also have low tables perfect for accommodating children, as well as large round tables that we can cover in different styles of tablecloth, depending on your event’s theme. Small, round café style tables made of plastic are also on hand. Designed for outdoor use, you may opt to put an umbrella in the middle of the table in case it gets too sunny.



Our selection of chairs come in various materials and designs and is guaranteed to meet any requirement your event may have. We have everything from kids’ chairs to the traditional, elegant yet unobtrusive white padded folding chairs most commonly used for outdoor garden weddings and formal occasions. Classic white lightweight monobloc polypropylene chairs that are suitable for all sorts of weather conditions are also in stock. Dubbed as the “most common plastic chair,” its stackable design makes it easy to put away in storage and clean up.


Do you have particular furniture needs not covered here? Contact us at 1300 761 799.

Trestle Tables - Festival Hire

Trestle Tables 1.8m & 2.4m

Wooden Ash Table - Festival Hire

Wooden Ash Table

Tables and Chairs - Festival Hire

Tables and Chairs

Barcelona Chair - Festival Hire

Barcelona Chair

Bar Stool - Festival Hire

Bar Stool

Ottoman Benches - Festival Hire

Ottoman Benches

Mushroom Heater - Festival Hire

Mushroom Heater

Market Umbrella - Festival Hire

Market Umbrella

Gas BBQ - Festival Hire


Display Panels - Festival Hire

Display Panels

Australia Flag Pole - Festival Hire

Flag Pole

Cheval Mirror - Festival Hire

Cheval Mirror

Coffee Urn - Festival Hire


Wooden Picnic Table and Bench - Festival Hire

Wooden Picnic Table and Bench Seats