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With their high peaked roofs and distinctive silhouette, pagodas are a striking addition to any event. Whether standalone or linked with other pagodas and marquees, it can instantly transform the look and feel of your festival, party or fete.

Elegance and Versatility

A pagoda can serve as the central structure of your event or as the highlight among a group of other marquees. Assembling pagodas together will dramatically enhance the atmosphere of even the most ordinary open space. It’s no surprise why this particular marquee style has become the go-to option of planners aiming to add elegance and a touch of panache to their event.


We can advise you as to the best configurations for your event and space. Pagodas are very versatile and are easily integrated with each other, so you can actually achieve a stunning visual effect and ensure that there will be enough space even if you need to work within the confines of a small footprint.

Our Pagodas

We have a wide range of pagodas that are ideal for all kinds of spaces and events. For greater stability, these can be pegged or weighted and they all come complete with walls and wall bars. We make sure to keep our structures in the best condition. Also note that walls are easily attached and detached, providing you with more design and usage options.


  • 3m x 3m – Height: 3.71m. White and coloured roofs and walling available.
  • 4m x 4m – Height: 4.40m. White walling.
  • 5m x 5m – Height: 4.75m. White walling.
  • 6m x 6m – Height: 4m. White walling.


For more information on our pagodas as well as other tents and marquees, give us a call at 1300 761 799. Find out more about what we can do for your event, including outdoor stages and lighting. Contact us today!

5x5 Metres Pagoda - Festival Hire

Pagoda - 5x5 metres